An anthropologist on Earth

At first glance, the inhabitants of Earth look very much like we do. Their clothes might not be so colourful or intricately decorated as ours, but they are made with the same fabrics and use buttons and clips to fasten much as we do.  It is noticeable though, that they utilise the concept of matchingContinue reading “An anthropologist on Earth”

But you don’t look like you are Autistic

I am nearly speechless every time I hear this.  Only nearly speechless.  I am never speechless.  The thoughts are constant and if they are not spilling out onto the paper, then you can be sure they will be dashing into your airspace.  Well, where else are they going to go? So, what exactly, in yourContinue reading “But you don’t look like you are Autistic”

The diagnostic criteria. We need to change the words!

I have decided to take offence. Everyone else seems to be taking offence at anything and everything, and so I have decided to join in.  So maybe I do not have difficulty interacting with my peers after all? All of the words are subjective and pejorative.  They all imply deficits and criticisms.  ‘Impairment, inappropriate, narrow,Continue reading “The diagnostic criteria. We need to change the words!”

Let me try and translate.

During a recent training day which focussed on the presentation of girls and women with Autism, Tony Attwood discussed what he calls ‘the Italian traffic lights.’ Just as Italian drivers often seem to fail to recognise the red light, so autistic girls and women often don’t see the signals to stop. I have been thinkingContinue reading “Let me try and translate.”

Autism and trauma in a lockdown.

I often describe my life as looking very privileged and pretty, but no-one sees the pain. So I know that what I am currently feeling is a first world problem. I am terrified and not coping at all with so much that is unknown. I’m sure that everyone is feeling the same and worrying aboutContinue reading “Autism and trauma in a lockdown.”

Toilets, underwear, getting trapped in a shop and girly stuff.

Toilets. I am terrified of using a strange toilet and will do anything not to go near a public one. A bush is fine or squashed between the car and the open door. Other people say that they have it too, but they mean that they don’t like the mess or the lack of comfortContinue reading “Toilets, underwear, getting trapped in a shop and girly stuff.”

Over analysis, scripts and acceptance; what did I do wrong now?

Every moment of every day and most of the moments through the night, I reflect on what I have said and what I didn’t say; what everyone else said and what they didn’t say and whether or not I should or should not have done any of that. I plan in advance so I knowContinue reading “Over analysis, scripts and acceptance; what did I do wrong now?”

Autism and empathy – too much of it actually!

This needs to be in capital letters all of the way through. You need to know that I am shouting this as I type. I have tons of empathy. In fact, I have so much empathy that it ways me down and affects everything I do. I am autistic and I have even more empathyContinue reading “Autism and empathy – too much of it actually!”

I think that I am ok really: just wish someone else agreed.

I think, or at least, I hope, that the world is a better place now for children with autism. Whether it would have been better to know or not is something that I am debating and discussing with myself: I do not have the answer. What I do know is that all of the thingsContinue reading “I think that I am ok really: just wish someone else agreed.”

Maybe all of this isn’t me being weird? Maybe I’m just autisic?

I included this in my first blog but now think that it might be helpful as a stand alone list. I know that I was desperately trying to find something to read that included some of my weirder traits. Maybe yours are like mine? Maybe we have found our mother planet? Would the real meContinue reading “Maybe all of this isn’t me being weird? Maybe I’m just autisic?”

Can I take this mask off now please? It hurts.

The thing about this mask, is that if it was working then it might be worth leaving it on, but it isn’t.  Well, that’s not entirely true. It works for a while but then I think that it starts to crack and sag. After 50 years of use it is not in very good shapeContinue reading “Can I take this mask off now please? It hurts.”

What you see and hear probably isn’t.

I had no idea that we weren’t all following the same script with the same rules. It will come as no surprise that I have made autism into my new special interest.  I have read 15 books, hundreds of articles and probably thousands of posts and tweets by women who are diagnosed, by women whoContinue reading “What you see and hear probably isn’t.”

Women with Autism – misdiagnosed and mis-understood.

Women with autism are being misdiagnosed and misunderstood. We need to talk about this. Would the real me please step forward?